Catheters & Urological Supplies 
Intermittent Catheter 
Typically used for short period of time by inserting catheter just long enough to drain the bladder. Comes in all French sizes, lengths, tips, and materials.  Also carry hydrophilic catheters which are pre-lubricated. 
Foley (Indwelling) Catheter
Inserted in the urethra into the bladder and left in place for long periods of time.  Considered to be unisex and comes in all French sizes and tips. Also carry hydrophilic. 
External Catheter
Can be left on for 24 hours and are sized by health care professionals.  They are self-adhering and applied like a condom.
Urological Accessories 
We carry all urological accessories including drain bags, leg bags, lubricant and much more. 
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