Diabetic Testing Supplies 
TRUEmetrix Glucose Meter 
TRUEmetrix® System features state-of-the-art design and advanced performance features. It requires a tiny 0.5 mL blood sample with accurate results in as fast as 4 seconds. The TRUEmetrix meter also features an easy-to-read display, 500 test memory, weekday display, 7, 14, and 30 day averaging, audible fill detection, glucose control detection, 4 testing reminder alarms, ketone testing reminder, a strip release button, auto on/off, and data management capabilities.™ gives you the precision, accuracy, and ease you desire.  In clinical testing, over 99% of first-time users obtained clinically accurate results with every test. 
Some products have additional merchandise such as syringes, download cables, and protective covers.
Test Strips
TRUEmetrix and SOLUS blood glucose test strips are monitor specific.  These leading brands offer cutting edge diabetic testing strips that ensure accuracy and precision.  Each are ideal for home glucose testing or when you're on the go.   
Control Solutions
Control solutions are also designed specifically for your glucose meter.  They are available to verify low, normal and high reading levels and are made to ensure the accuracy of the meter and test strips. 
Safety Lancets 
Safety lancets are used to test your blood sugar as well but intended for single use only, primarily for use in a facility setting.  Designed for ease and comfort, they are individually packaged and ready to use, no loading necessary.  Ideal for traveling.
Lancets are used to test your blood sugar and is one of the most important past of managing diabetes. Lancets are designed to fit most devices and intended to reduce pain. Packaged in boxes of 100, lancets are not made for reuse. The sharp tip dulls with each puncture making a painful penetration and resulting in more calloused skin. 
Lancing Devices 
Lancing devices are used to prick the skin to obtain a a blood sample to monitor your blood glucose levels. They are small, quick, and easy to use offering varying needle penetration depths.  The devices are designed for comfort and precise penetration resulting in less pain. You should have a new one every year.
Prodigy Glucose Meter 
Prodigy AutoCode® requires No Coding; simply insert the test strip into the strip port and the Prodigy AutoCode® automatically powers on. The Prodigy AutoCode® talking glucometer guides the user through the blood glucose testing steps and will speak in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. It provides results in seven seconds, has a 450-test memory with date and time, and provides 7, 14, and 28 day averages. The USB port feature is used for downloading your meter’s result using our free diabetes management software.