Insulin Pump Supplies 
​Infusion Sets
Infusion sets contain a thin tubing that delivers insulin into your body. The tubes come in different lengths and the end of the tube is either a flexible cannula or stainless steel needle. The tube is inserted under your skin into what is called your infusion site, which is usually your abdomen, thigh, or buttocks and typically remains up to three days.    
Skin Prep and Other Accessories
Insulin pump skin prep pads are used for preparation of the skin prior to the puncture or injection. Additional products available include wipes, adhesive remover, and alcohol swabs.  Each product has key functions such as reducing risk of tape stripping, damaging the skin in removal process, and bacterial protection. 
Reservoirs and Cartridges
Insulin Reservoirs size are based on your insulin needs for about 3 days.  They are designed to use with your insulin pump and infusion set.